Image of a book called Separation Anxiety in Dog by Malena Demartini

Seperation Anxiety in Dogs Malena DeMartini 2020


by Erik Prins


A new approach

This is a book for those interested in working with separation anxiety (SA). Although I would say that for someone who is living with a dog with SA, this book might be of interest just to understand the principles.

I chatted with someone who has read her first book which was very much the traditional way of addressing the SA problem. As the book title suggests this is about a different method and a way of working with clients who have a dog with SA.

I have also been part of the traditional techniques suggested by many dog trainers and behaviourists. Such as crate training, giving food whilst you are away, use of food toys to distract, using departure trigger desensitisation training or slowly and systematically increasing time to leave the dog on his own in a linear direction.

Three photos from left to right, a dog in a crate, a dog working on a kong, and last one a dog sitting watch owner leaving the house
3 methods questioned

Change in approach

Some of these behaviour modification techniques are either dropped or changed to make use of learning. For instance, previous clients would not question whether or not to leave the dog whilst they need to shop, go to work or visit family. This is now a no-no. In fact, you enter into a virtual contract with your dog that promises that the dog will not be left alone unless it is for training purposes. Food and Kong are all out of the window. The reasons for the changes are well explained and make a lot of sense.

For those who used traditional techniques or if you want to understand the condition better. This is a good book to get you going and thinking about what you may have been taught before. I did not find it filled with jargon which makes it an easy read.

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