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Living with an aggressive dog 8


by Erik Prins



I finally, had our online consultation with the certified clinical animal behaviourist (CCAB).  I hoped this would provide me with some answers and solutions. We went through the process and answered the questions. I explained what I had tried using the crate or the enclosure pen and why I had stopped using them; what noise desensitisation I am doing and about the snuffle walk.

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do better

The process is not everything

During the consultation, I showed Josh but there was no compassion shown. The focus appeared to be on the process rather than a desire to help Josh. It was disappointing to experience a less than good service even after I had given them the opportunity to provide further, advanced guidelines.

At the time I was a student member of a fellowship, which prevented me from taking on behaviour cases. I will simply say, I would not have done a worse job myself. It lacked compassion and bedside manners.  This does not reflect on Clinical Animal Behaviourists (CAB) or CCABs as a whole just this specific one.

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