About Me, The Story So Far

Erik, His wife and Daughter during Christmass 2019

Hello, my full name is Erik Paul Prins, I was born in The Netherlands. I moved to the UK 20+ years ago and lived in different parts of the UK such as East Midlands, Scotland, London, Kent and now I live in North Warwickshire together with my wife and 5 year old daughter.

I started life out as a plumber, then worked in admin, after completing my BSc (Hons) Psychology I worked as an Internal Auditor for a Charity and Corporate business. Now my daughter is at school and my wife is working full time, I needed to have flexibly to be available for our daughter during the school holidays. I therefore decided to start studying to become a dog behaviourist and start a business.

Why dog behaviourism, throughout my life I been surrounded by animals. As a young child I spent lots of time at my friends farm. As I grewup, and probably like most, we had a cat a dog, at some point a rabbit and even a duck. In my early 20’s I had an African Grey and an Amazon parrot. Once, we were able to have a dog, a journey of discovery started about different breeds, as I discovered every dog and dog breed is different. This started to engage my curiousity and particularly when we adopted our Greyhound (Charlotte). I became and, still am involved in the rehoming charity. The different challenges people faced got me really interstedin dog behaviour and how to resolve these problems. I have completed different courses about dog behaviour, I am in fact a qualified dog walker and pet sitter. I now am studying Advanced Diploma Applied Animal Behaviour and I am an instructor at the Nuneaton Dog training club.